Majestic life-sized driftwood Sculptures

   About the sculptor
A.G. who lives on the island of Java, was keen of drawing and sculpting from his early age. He went to State University of Semarang in the Faculty of Arts and Language and then began his career in the woodworking industry for an international foreign company where he gained a lot of knowledge in classic European furniture designs, arts and crafts.

In 2009 he retired from commercial work to concentrate on his sculpting.

He works in an ambience of nature in his studio near the mountain of Ungaran. Each sculpture is carefully planned along with his idea, inspiration and emotion. The sculpting work of certain sculpture's may take months depending on the availability of the correct materials. He carefully chooses a piece of material, which is driftwood and teak roots that is naturally a perfect match to a certain musculature part of the sculpture. One can easily see on his sculpture where all parts of the "three dimensional puzzle" are of careful selection and done with strong determination.

While today, his sculptures are well accepted among European audiences in some shows and exhibition, his first significant success is the recognition by the Royal Museum of Sultan Abu Bakar, Pahang, Malaysia, where some of his sculptures become its permanent collection and displayed among its landscape and indoor gallery.